Corona Virus

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Updated 28th April 2021

Following the Government restrictions, for the time being, our regular gatherings are all suspended. Nevertheless, we still want to and are able to connect in alternative ways, recognising the importance of continuing to meet together (Hebrews 10.25). We are particularly concerned for the vulnerable and those who live alone. Please read this information carefully and we will update as soon as any circumstances change.

We continue to rejoice in our salvation and in the wise and sovereign rule of the King of kings, the one who institutes governments and knows even the number of hairs on our head.

  • Sunday meeting livestream 10:30am. We've found a way to display words. We will still put words online for those who need them We will be livestreaming a simple service on Sunday morning via our Youtube channel. Anyone with a computer/smartphone and internet access will be able to watch. We will be recording the sermon as usual and providing audio CDs to those without internet access. If you subscribe to our channel it will help greatly. Click on this link. We also meet regularly for Zoom coffee & chat time after the livestream service.
  • About once a month, we will be meeting physically for an in-person church service. Our next church service is on 27th June 2021.
  • Sunday prayer meeting 6:00pm. We will be holding the prayer meeting by zoom video or telephone conference. You can either access it through a website connected to the internet or through your phone. Your computer will need a webcam. Alternatively, you can connect by phone by dialling the landline number. Details will be sent around by email/ WhatsApp to keep the meeting private.
  • Growth groups. These are continuing to meet virtually.
  • Women’s bible study. Both the weekday and Saturday meeting are continuing to meet through Zoom video chat.
  • Youth Group have set up a WhatsApp group for parents and the young people are continuing to meet each Friday via Zoom.
  • All other meetings (Junior Jivers, Young at Heart, Men’s Saturday study) are suspended for now.

We want to provide both practical and pastoral care to all church members. This will primarily be done through Growth Groups. Each group has its own separate What’sApp group to connect people together. Please ask for help if you need it.

If you are not a member of a Growth Group please be in touch with Johnny/Adrian (Farndon), Richard (Town) or John/Roy (Villages) about signing up for the most appropriate What’sApp group. If you are able to provide help to others please make sure your group leaders know, so that they can call upon you.