Growth groups

Small is beautiful

Why small groups?

As well as our Sunday service, it is important to develop friendships in smaller groups so that we can encourage one another in our faith and pray for one another's needs. We do this in three groups that meet in and around Harborough each week.

When do we meet?

Our small groups meet most weeks on either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. We hang out, study the Bible and pray together and for one another.

How does it work?

We have three groups (Farndon Fields, Town and Villages). You should know which group you are in and each group has a WhatsApp group running alongside the virtual meeting.

If you have a spiritual or physical need please let your growth group leader know. The small groups are where we provide our front line care.

I'm not in a group yet

Ask one of the church leaders about the groups and which would be best for you. Alternatively, drop us a line using the main email contact below.