Hope for Easter

Easter often feels a bit special. There are two bank holidays to enjoy. The kids are off school. Easter Sunday is the only day in the year the shops have to shut. But this year, truth be told, it's going to feel a bit 'more of the same'. Same lockdown rules (they change again on 12 April, a week later). Same restrictions. Same frustrations about not seeing family.

But as Christians we have a message of hope. Not simply a short term hope that things will be better next week or maybe the week after that, or when everyone has had their vaccine. No, the Christian hope is for a better, brighter day because it is for a better, brighter world.

And nowhere else is this hope captured better than in the Easter story. On Good Friday we remember the crucifixion of Jesus - the darkest day in human history. Jesus - the Son of God - was killed. He was innocent of the crimes of which he was accused. But something cosmic was going on. The Bible teaches us that he 'was made sin for us' - he took upon himself our wrong thoughts, motives, actions and words. And he paid the penalty for them so that a God of pure and perfect justice could declare us 'not guilty.'

The effectiveness of this death was sealed by the events of Easter Sunday when this same Jesus, dead in the grave for three days, rose to life. Jesus is not simply the Saviour who died. He is the Rescuer who has risen. And is this death and resurrection that captures the hope for everlasting life that Christians have.

We'd love to tell you more. Here are two ways you could do it. We've partnered with some friends at a church in Nottingham to produce an Easter service on a CD. You can listen to it in the car or at home. Coming along to church is going to be difficult, but here's the next best thing. Or if you'd like to chat to someone directly, let us know.

Either way, get in touch using the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more of the hope Christians have.