Blue skies

May often promises much. We are well past the winter months, and the sun feels warmer. We're not quite in summer yet, but when we think of late Spring, we think of ditching the winter clothes, getting the summer shoes out of the storage and changing the duvet.

Yet it often begins with disappointment. This year is no different. Hail. Sleet. Rain. Cold. We still want to huddle inside. And the Covid pandemic has certainly made everything worse. We can see some light at the end of the tunnel - but we're not there yet. As dates for coming out of lockdown arrive, we feel and rejoice in each glimmer of new hope. But it's hard not to keep thinking of all the things we can't do, alongside the ones we can.

In many ways, this is a picture of life itself. We often find ourselves living in hope that things are going to be a little brighter - if we're optimists. Or, if we're more pessimistic in outlook, we find ourselves spiralling into thinking that it's never going to get better.

This frustration is part of life, says the Bible. Because the world is broken. It's not as it should be. You don't need cosmic events like pandemics or global warming to work this out. All any of us need to do is simply consider our own lives, and the endless frustrations we feel.

The good news of Christianity is that this state is a temporary one. The frustrating world we inhabit - sometimes overwhelmingly joyful, sometimes miserably sad - is not going to last forever. Jesus, the King of kings, will one day make everything new again. He'll make everything perfect. The Christian hope is to share this perfect new creation with the King and all his people.

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